Mallika leaves little to the imagination

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Missing Mallika Sherawat?
Even though Pyaar Ke Side Effects was a success and the actress received warm reviews, we haven't seen Mallika around for a while.
Which is why it was refreshing to see her at one of the season's most high-profile weddings (Avni Patel, daughter of Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, tied the knot with Prashant Deshpande, younger son of senior Congress leader RV Deshpande on October 4) in Mumbai.
Especially since Madame Mallika chose to dress in her typically eye-catching style, in a sari that left very little to the imagination.

pink puma

hmmm funny how out of all the bloody colours of the rainbow spectrum she HAD TO wear a nude tone

..... damaag karaab


~*~ NiMaNa ~*~
i think we all shud collect some funds and help these needy babes...
so that they can wear some clothes :nerd


yaar mumbai warge shehran ch....
saare parties ch eha jeha kuch hi paa ke jaande ne....
Page 3 movie ch vekheya si...