LulzSec Credited for Another False Hack


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Although there are many surprising things about the LulzSec hacker group, the most curious one outside of their success relates to a poor quality of journalism when covering the hacking. Just a couple of weeks ago media improperly gave the hacker group credit for breaking in to and stealing census information in the United Kingdom, and last week they are giving the same hacktivists credit for taking offline Australia-based domain registrar

Just yesterday the world found out that a number of respected news outlets falsely reported that the member of LulzSec hacker group had been arrested. Moreover, some of those media organizations not just falsely identified the individual that had been arrested in the United Kingdom, but also for some reason attributed the worldwide known hacker group to breaking in to the government’s sites. Despite the fact that the mistake has been widely acknowledged, just a few hours after that news story had been finished debunking, the same news outlets were reporting that the hacker group in question was responsible for hacking domain registrar Apparently, it came as no surprise that this story turned out to be false as well.

Again, the story appeared in the reputable media – the International Business Times, which claimed that a report by the Register had said LulzSec took offline the Distribute.IT. Although the hacker group over the past month has been involved in hacking lots of organizations, including Sony, the Senate of the United States, the Public Broadcasting System, and entertainment services like gaming and porn, it never hacked

The question is who hacked the domain registrar if LulzSec didn’t? It was obvious that the site was hacked by someone else, but few of the media outlets took their time to dig up the earlier reports of the site hack and check the facts. For example, the Sydney Morning Herald mentioned that last time the registrar was hacked by the guy nicknamed Evil, the same person who broke into the University of Sydney’s site prior to that. Indeed, in that case Evil confirmed it was him, and is now claiming the credit for hack as well.

Considering that the LulzSec Twitter Feed never mentioned the attack of Distribute.IT and is seemingly not claiming credit for it, one can make a conclusion that this news is again thoroughly debunked.