Logitech to launch hand activated M515 wireless mouse


Prime VIP

Logitech has been attempting to do some novel things with the keyboard and mouse lately. As well as launching the unifying receiver to cut down on USB port use, the most recent intelligent product is a wireless keyboard that is solar powered so you never have to worry about replacing the batteries.
Now the peripherals manufacturer is turning its attention to the living room, and the growing number of people who have a media center PC connected to their main TV. Such PCs still require keyboard and mouse input, but a standard mouse isn’t really suited to being used while sitting on a sofa.
While some users may opt for an all-in-one media keyboard with touchpad or trackball, Logitech has decided to cater for those of us who would still prefer to use a standard mouse. The M515 is a wireless mouse that comes as a sealed unit capable of working on soft surfaces like the fabric of a sofa or a carpet. As it is sealed the sensor on the bottom won’t get covered in fibers and suffer accuracy or movement registration problems.
The other new feature Logitech has incorporated is hand activation. If you don’t have your hand on the mouse it won’t register input. This is a clever addition as a mouse is likely to slide across a sofa if someone sits down, or get accidentally kicked if left on the floor. If you’re watching something on your media center such random input can ruin the experience or require further input to rectify a problem it caused.
Other features include a tiny USB receiver you can plug in and forget about, as well as a battery life of around 2 years based on averaged use.
If you want one then you’ll have to wait until April. It’s not a cheap mouse, though, with the price expected to be around £50 ($80). Although in the U.S. it may be slightly cheaper.