Life in Color Red


Red, the color of human blood, symbolizes passion, fire, love, and anger. In Eastern cultures, it also connotes luck and prosperity. Red occurs throughout nature, from dying stars to dying leaves, and humans have evoked its powers for everything from politics to sports.

Rich red draperies and glowing paper lanterns transform a rocky cave into a magical wedding hall in China's Hubei Province. Red is the traditional color of Chinese wedding celebrations.

Iron-rich rocks create a rust-red creek bed for fast-flowing waters in Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park. The Canadian park lies across the international border from Montana's Glacier National Park.

Lake Magadi, Kenya, blushes under a bacteria bloom following a rainstorm. The extremely salty, alkali lake holds little life, but its waters are a favorite spot for wading birds

Darkness lends a reddish tint to sea oats bending with storm-whipped winds in Saxis, Virginia.The salt-loving tall grass thrives in beach ecosystems and helps to form and protect sand dunes by collecting windblown grains.

A solitary red maple leaf lies on the trunk of a downed tree in Maine's Acadia National Park.The United States is home to some 90 different species of maple trees.

A brilliant red sea star lies amid algae-covered rocks in the waters off Vancouver Island, Canada. The invertebrates use some colors to scare off potential predators and other hues to blend in with their surroundings.

A crimson Turkish flag becomes a patriotic bedspread in an Istanbul bedroom. The crescent and star are symbols of Islam.

A glowing keyhole arch and dusty-red walls frame the minaret of Al Berdain Mosque in Meknès, Morocco. The arch's lighting also suggests a crescent moon, one of Islam's traditional symbols.

A Hindu ascetic, or sadhu, wrapped in a bright-red cloth, smokes underneath a vad (banyan) tree outside a temple in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Sadhus devote themselves to the spiritual life, own few possessions, and typically depend on donations to survive.

A red car sits on a dirty and deserted side street in communist East Berlin. East and West Germany were reunited in 1990 after 45 years of separation following the end of World War II.

Musical legend Chuck Berry holds his cherry-red guitar during a performance at a music festival in Aspen, Colorado. With early classics like "Rock, Rock, Rock," "Go, Johnny, Go!" and "Johnny B. Goode," Berry is considered one of rock-and-roll' s pioneers.

A geisha in Kyoto, Japan, applies the blood-red lipstick that completes her traditional makeup. Modern geisha carry on an ancient profession; they privately entertain Japan's rich and powerful men and maintain total confidentiality.

A Maryland maple tree shows off the flaming foliage beloved by "leaf-peepers. " Experts say most people judge the quality of each autumn's foliage by the prevalence of red leaves.

Nothing can dampen the enthusiasm of Taipei schoolchildren gathered for a celebration of Double Ten, Taiwan's national day. Double Ten remembers the October 10, 1911, revolution that ended China’s last dynasty.

The College of Cardinals, the Catholic Church's highest-ranking clergy, meets in Vatican City to elect new cardinals. Supreme among their tasks is the selection of new popes, who traditionally come from within the college itself.


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