LG’s new flexible OLED TV is curved and most stunning 4K TV


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LG’s new flexible OLED TV is curved and most stunning 4K TV

Every year the Consumer Electronic show becomes the best home for stunning gadgets and products. The major leading brands and new start-ups join CES to show off their impressive stuffs or to announce their new product lines. There are lots of things to see at CES every year, but among all of them the most attractive thing which captures the attention of every attendees are the OLED TVs from two big Korean giants LG and Samsung. Every year they bring something new and impressive in the world of Televisions.

And this year too, LG has brought something which we can say is a jaw-dropping innovation. I am talking about LG’s new flexible OLED TVs. LG’s newly introduced 105-inch Curved IPS LCD is really an awesome TV, but LG’s 77-inch OLED TV is more impressive than the big one and is also a must to see stuff at CES 2014. This TV comes with stupendously thin bezels and engrossing picture quality. The curve on the display works much better on such a larger scale than it does on the 6-inch LG G Flex handset.

4K resolution and OLED were the big headliners of the 2013 CES and today we are seeing both of them at one curved panel. And the interesting thing about this Television is that you can easily control the curvature according to your preference with the help of TV’s remote.