LG application store, now available in 23 countries


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LG updates its application store, now available in 23 countries

Last year LG launched their own application store starting with 1400 titles. Initially it was available only in Australia and Singapore.

Today LG unveiled its new version and made it available in 21 more countries. The LG Applications store is currently offering more than 1800 apps, 1000 wallpapers and 200 ringtones.

LG Application Store is available on both featurephones and smartphones. Currently the only supported operating system is Windows Mobile, but LG promises to expand the service on the Android platform too.

Today LG store is available in 23 markets across Asia, Africa and South America. LG plans to expand it over 33 markets including Europe by the end of the year. The number of apps is also expect to reach 4000 by that time.

LG Application Store