Lexar launches Echo MX and ZX ultra-portable USB backup driv


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For most people, backing up data involves a large external hard drive on your desk, a regular DVD burn, or an online backup service. But some people want to make backups on the go and so turn to a portable hard drive or USB stick.
Lexar is aiming to cater for these users who want an ultra-portable solution with two new backup drives called Echo MX and Echo ZX. Which drive you choose depends on your storage needs and just how small you want the drive to be.

The Echo ZX is the smaller of the two drives offering a low-profile design and storage capacity options including 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. Lexar refer to this drive as plug-and-stay as it can just be plugged into a laptop USB port and forgotten about.

The Echo MX offers capacity options including 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB for those with a lot of data. It’s not as small as the ZX, but does have an integrated easy-to-read capacity meter on the casing that always shows how much space is available.
Both backup solutions use 128-bit AES encryption and continuous backup which is activated when the drive is plugged-in. The Echo MX comes with a 5-year warranty while the ZX has a 2-year warranty. Both drives work with PC and Mac.
In terms of costs, the Echo MX ranges from $44.99 to $499.99 depending on capacity, while the Echo ZX will set you back between $44.99 and $139.99.