Recipe Lemon Pickle


Lemons 2 kg , slit in Quarters without separating the pieces
Juice of lemons 1 kg
Sugar 1cup / 150 gm
Black salt 250 gm
Black cardamoms 25 gm
Black peppercorns 15 gm
Dry red chilies 25 gm
Cumin seeds 2 tbsp / 12 gm
Black cumin seeds 2 tbsp / 12 gm
Carom seeds 15 gm
Asafetida A pinch Ginger powder 100 gm


  • Grind the sugar, black salt, black cardamoms, black pepper, dry red chillies, cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, carom seeds, asafetida, and ginger powder together to a fine powder. Mix ½ cup lemon juice with the powder and stuff the slit lemons with this powder mixture.​
  • Arrange the stuffed lemons in a glass jar, with a layer of the powder mixture between them. Repeat till all the lemons and powder mixture are used up. Pour the remaining lemon juice. Cover with a thick cloth for the first 2 days and then put the jar out in the sun for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally. This pickle aids digestion and can stay for up to 25 years.​
  • Preparation time: 2 weeks​