Legal Streaming Service Launched In The US


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According to the reports, Spotify, another popular legal streaming service, which has been offered in Europe for a while now, has travelled across the ocean to launch officially in the United States.

According to the media reports, Spotify has taken the next step in promoting itself and is now being offered in the United States. Actually, the consumers have three different options to choose when they decide how they want to use this streaming service. First of all, they are able to use the ad supported streaming side, which doesn’t require them to pay for the service – this option is absolutely free. Secondly, the consumers may choose to pay $4.99 a month and be able to stream without any limits and advertisements. Finally, users may choose to purchase the premium package, which will cost them $9.99 a month, but allow listening to the music without Internet connection. In addition, the quality of music provided under this package is higher.

On the one hand, it is clear that this move is definitely a positive development for the consumers in more countries worldwide, which are now being offered more choices beyond illegal P2P. In other words, it’s another incentive to use legal services for people who want and are able to use them.

However, on the other hand, if you think that Spotify is entering an empty market, you are wrong. Apparently, the new streaming service will have to find its way to carve out an audience against such well-known services as Pandora and Last.FM. Both of these streaming services are already being offered in the United States, and they are the largest ones. So, the industry observers say that it will be very interesting to watch how well Spotify is able to integrate itself in to the new market.

Meanwhile, Spotify might have one advantage which can be working for it. The matter is that some people in the United States have already used Spotify through bypassing the geo-restrictions with proxy servers. In other words, even before its official launch in the country, some people in the United Stated might have already used it for a while now, which means that the service has developed a following even before official introduction in the market. This, for sure, is something that can help Spotify expand its audience in the very beginning. Undoubtedly, this’ll be a very interesting service for some to follow.