Laughter Snacks 25 ____Silver Jublee Special


The He4rt H4ck3r
Wife Running After A Garbage Truck:
Am I Too Late For The Garbage?

Hubby Following Her Yelled: Not Yet.
Jumpppp Innnn Fastttt.:virk


Pappu while filling up a form:
What should I write against mother tongue.?
Santa: Very long.....!:tse


Shankar told his servant:
Go and water the plants.
Servant: its already raining.
Shankar: So what?
Take an umbrella and go.:wall


Titanic was sinking.
An englishman asked Santa, "How far is land"?
Santa: 2 KMs.
Englishman jumped into sea.
Englishman: Now, which direction (left or right)?
Santa: Downwards!:boat


Shankar Bunks office n goes to home.
He saw his boss in his home.
He comes back running office and says,
'baap re, boss ne dekh liya hota to maar daalta.:admin

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