Laughter Snacks 19


The He4rt H4ck3r
1st Man: Which Is The Best Month
To Get Married..?

2nd Man: Octemb ruary

1st Man: Don't Be Silly,
There Is No Such Month

2nd Man: Exactly :pardesi


In a Party A Handsome guy askd a gal,"r u going 2 dance?"

She felt so happy & said-"yes"

& d guy said-"dats gud,so can i hav ur chair?" :d


A man received d phone
from emergency room of hospital

Doctor: Your wife was in a fatal car
accident & I've bad n good news.
The bad news is,
She has lost both arms n legs n
will b on a respirator d rest of her life.

Man: 0h my God, whats the good

Doctor: I'm kidding, She is Dead... :p :d


DAD: dear son,why yor sister sitting so silent
SON:Nothing dad sister asked
lipstik, but i gave fevistik.
No chip chip
no chik chik :blah
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