Laughter Snacks 14


The He4rt H4ck3r
Facebook Kitni Popular Ho Rahi Hai, Is Cheez Ka Andaza Is Choti Si Bat Se Pata Chalta Hai.

Ek Bar Ek Person Ne Apne Facebook Ke Status Par Likha.

“I Am Gonna Sleep Shirtless At Night…!”

After Sometime, 17 Mosquitoes Like His Status.:fly


Once a train was moving on the railway line. Suddenly the
train got down from the railway line and started moving into the
fields. The passengers got angry and decided to punish the train
When the train stopped, all the passengers came to the driver and
asked: "Why did you take the train off the track into the fields."

Driver: A man came in front and was standing on the railway line.

Passeners: Why did you risk the life of so many passengers in
order to save the life of one man.You should have driven the train
on that man.

Driver: I was going to do this only but the man ran towards the
field. :virk


A revolutionary thirsty Taliban came across a Jewish man selling cheap tie at dessert end for five dollars a piece.

Taliban demanded water for humanitarian reasons.

Jewish says, "No buy the tie first."

Taliban got mad.

So Jewish says look if you want free water go up that hill, than down on other side, there is a fancy American place and plenty of cold water.

Angry Taliban kicked the table, left, came back in couple hours, threw five dollars and demanded tie,
"Those Americans won't let me in without a tie.":an
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