Laughter Snacks 13


The He4rt H4ck3r
Husband asks, Do you know the meaning of WIFE.
It means...Without Information Fighting Everytime!

WIFE satys No, it means - With Idiot for Ever :pop


Teacher: what do u call a person who cannot hear anything?
Santa: U can call him anything, because he cannot hear anything.:alarm


After a big accident, a man was crying : O God! I have lost my lef hand?
Santa : Control yourself my friend. Don’t cry. See that man. He has lost
his head. Is he crying? :um


Peter called his doctor's office for an appointment.
"I'm sorry," said the receptionist, "we can't fit you in for at least two weeks."
"But I could be dead by then!"
"No problem. If your wife lets us know, we'll cancel the appointment. ":phone


Banta: Y did u buy ur wife a huge diamond ring for her B'day? I
thought she wanted a car.
Santa: She did, but where in the world was I going to find a fake car? :car