Laptop Hanged Too Much

Gill Saab

Yaar Malang
yr mera hp laptop bahut hang hunda vaa te je hang nhi hunda tn slow bahut chlda vaa ehde ch pehla window 8 ch fir es de store cho hi main update kiti c 8.1 free ch

lapi di RAM v 6 GB aa te jithe window install oh 300 GB di HD aa

koi help krooooo


Prime VIP
4 month purana vaa te fan right side te aa bahut ghatt sftwre install kite hoye aa
most of laptop comes with lots of default necessary softwares installed, clean/remove what ever you dont need, it will also help in optimizing the speed/response.


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
My Guess. Its over-heating..
Side te hawa layi inlet-outlet hone.
make sure they are not blocked.
manje utte laptop rakh ke na chalao.
nd eh v check kareo k power plan kehda activate kita hoyea :-?
Power saver?Balanced?or High Performance ? :-?
kayi waar Power Saver ya Balanced power plan ch v over heat ho janda lap :y
so high performance te karke dekh leo....may be it'll work : )