Know About Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi

Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi is 30 years old Hijra Guru functioning as manager in shriram. She is originally from UP, India. Laxmi is a famous dancer, dance instructor, and hijra guru. She is well-known campaigner and quintessence of elegance and courage faces the reality. She also adopted two grown up child as her kids.

In 1979, Laxmi was born in Thane as the eldest child of an orthodox Brahmin duo from Uttar Pradesh. She was very sick in her childhood as she had double pneumonia, typhoid and asthma. In the second standard, Laxmi was enthralled by Bharatanatyam, its costumes, make-up and jewelry.

Laxmi was first sexually abused by an acquaintance at the age of 6 years. After some years, Laxmi met Shabina Frances, another hijra. They became friends and Shabina promised her that she will be her guru if she joined them. Afterwards her journey started and she became one of the Hijras.

On 12th July 2008, According to latest information and news Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was also appear on Dusk Ka Dum with salman khan and won everyones heart.

Sachha ka saamna is a reality show at star plus host by Rajeev Khandelvalis has witnessed of Starling truth of celebrity & non-celebrity. In imminent episode, there was a represent story of Laxmi narayan trupathi on 28th & 29th August 2009.

A confident and articulate Laxmi Emerged as sturdy celebrity who has risen against every barrier in her life. She faces volley questions of Host that when she is at home or in Public, Does anyone in your family speak to you as a man or a woman? Her parents dying desire would her to depart from the Hijra community and live like a man?

The show also brings Laxmi to the fore the complex qualities of her. Laxmi established herself as she is and worked her way to whittle a position for herself. More information and photos about Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.
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we can't say nothing about these people

but the fact is they have a very good msg to the people like us that we should not disresprect the sociecty and always remember god :pr

This lady is Highly qualified but only due to her this situation she is in the society of kinnars


on off on off......
she/he or hijra Guru was invited in Dus ka dum show... seen that episode it was funny and nice... well good work done by the dus ka dum team