‘Knock Out’ trailer in trouble


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Over a reference to Indian currency

Why a thousand rupee note looks pink? The film Knock Out, which stars Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan, has got an answer.

But the Censor Board finds the answer derogatory and insulting to Indian currency. In the trailer someone wonders why the 1000-rupee note looks pink, to which Irrfan Khan replies, “Because it is created from the blood and sweat of the common man.”

The dialogue has not gone down well with the Board members and they have expressed their displeasure about this objectionable reference to the nation’s currency. Left with no option, the makers took the trailer to the revising committee.

Knock Out is a fast-paced thriller that happens in real time. In just two hours - 11am to 1pm - an enigmatic vigilante pulls off an incredible, mind-blowing coup and a new chapter of Indian history is written.

The movie is releasing on October 15.