Punjab News Kidnappers abandon Malout boy


Prime VIP
Malout, June 20

The son of a local commission agent, Nandan Nagpal, who was allegedly kidnapped on Thursday for a ransom of Rs 3 crore, got reunited with his family today. The police claimed it to be the handiwork of an inter-state gang, which had an active involvement of two girls. It has released one photograph and sketches of two men suspected in the crime.

IGP (Bathinda zone) Rohit Chaudhary claimed that the accused freed the boy on the Muktsar road succumbing to police pressure as it was tabbing all their activities. But he denied any arrest.

However, sources said the police had arrested Beera Singh of Muktsar for being the patron of the kidnappers on Saturday.

Nandan said he was involved with a girl, who claimed to have come from the UK and living in Bathinda. They had been chatting over the phone from a fortnight.

“As the girl was insisting to meet me, I planned to meet her on Thursday when I was on my way to Malout from Chandigarh. She met me in an Innova (without number plate) in Bathinda and asked to accompany in her car. Initially I refused, but later I agreed and parked my car on the roadside. She drove her car towards the Muktsar road,” said Nandan.

He said: “The girl enacted a drama of some phone call and stopped the car. Suddenly, four youths in a white Alto reached there. The girl left the driving seat and one of the youth took her in Alto and moved back. Then the other accused pointed a gun at me and asked to call up at home to say that I will stay in Bathinda for that night.”

“Then, they injected me with some sedative. Next morning, I found myself at a farm house. I could not know anything about their identity as I was kept under the influence of an intoxicant,” he claimed

“Last night, the kidnappers dropped me on the Malout-Muktsar road and fled away. I called up my family and after a few minutes they reached the spot and took me home,” he said.

Malout DSP Mukhwinder Singh said the girl, who met him at Bathinda was other than the girl used to chat with him over the phone as the phone being used in the chat was still showing its location at Mohali.