Ki Viah Karvana Chahi da hai.

Viah Karwana Chahi Da

  • Yes. Kara Lena Chahi Da

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • No. Bachelor Rehna Chahi Da

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Cannot Say. 50-50

    Votes: 2 18.2%

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Jado main mum dad nu lardey dekdi fer lagda nai karona chaida :lol
sade culture wich viah krona jaruri aa kende, banda free hoke kise munde nal ghum fir sakda. Par menu eh sab nai pasand. goriya vi ta viah to bina 1 munde nal reh sakdia, fer asi kio nai. Baki menu eni knowledge nai hale viah bare :ki
meri v ehi soch aa :hassa viyaah toh bina rahi jau :lol2 :lol2


Marriage depends on alot of things.. aaj kal waise gal ee aa ki choices bahut zyda ne.. munde kuriyan li. purane zaamne ch social networking ni hundi si.. te loki aapne rishte nu leke loyal hunde si..

aaj kal you've got social networking sites.. online dating sites people tend to always think maybe they can find someone better than the person they are currently in a relationship in.. people then are always confused whether to settle down or not

overall.. if you're married to someone as long as you communicate with one another and are loyal to each other that is all that matters.. if you cant follow through with either one of the above things then tuff luck.. when you're married to someone that partner of yours is there with you through thick and thin you share your sorrows with one another and are able to support each other morally, emotionally and financially.

There is no right person to get married to its all about communication, loyalty to that person.


DC-Where Quality Matters
why marry when u can get new voti every sat sunday :P
ghar bitha ke afat gale pa lao

i dun believe in love shav its all about one thing.
so f it and enjoy ur life helping others be happy be safe. :P