Khalistan Freedom Fighters - Warning (Graphical Nature)

-=Sukh Tiwana=-

Re: Khalistan Freedom Fighters

Genocide of Sikhs
These Sikhs were killed by the government because the government called them criminals. Yes, they were. Their biggest crime was: They wore turbans, followed Guru Gobind Singh Ji and called themselves Sikhs.
These pictures are of many innocent Sikhs who were killed by the government. These pictures are called Khalra collection. Jaswant Singh Khalra investigated the disappearance of dead bodies of Sikhs. Evidently, the government police picked up thousands of young Sikhs, killed them in fake encounters and then threw their bodies in the river or cremated those bodies but never returned the bodies to their family members. Jaswant Singh was picked up by the police just like thousands of other Sikhs and disappeared forever. One of the police servant told that Jaswant Singh was tortured to death.

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Itz always very hard and sad toooo seee pages from sikh historyy...... Blood and gore of innocents.......... :<

-=Sukh Tiwana=-

But we are still living in the darkness, There is no one to show us light. But still I believe in god who helped us in the more harder times and he will help us to overcome the darkness and come into the light.
Waheguru G Ka Khalsa, Waheguru G Ki Fateh!!


70 people die every day in Iraq due to USA you reckon they all are militant.....try harder man..... TERA PEO, MAA JAIN HOR KOI IS VICH MAREA HUNDA TAIN FER MEIN TANU PUCHDA “&^%$$&%^$” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apology UNP's as a rule I don't employ this nature of lingo but this guy is bit getting on my nervous

heads down....
but if they were innocent y they have so many bombs,bullets,guns