Katrina Kaif injured while shooting


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Was it Imran Khan’s fault?

Katrina Kaif got injured on her nose while shooting for the next Yashraj film with co-star Imran Khan at the Pataudi Palace a few hours’ drive from Delhi.

From what we learn, the incident happened when Imran and Katrina were shooting a funny scene in which he held a gun in his hand while Kat stood beside him. He was supposed to turn and pull Kat towards him. But in doing so there was a slight error of judgement from the actor and he accidentally ended up hitting Katrina’s nose with the barrel of the gun.

The blow was pretty nasty and Katrina’s nose began to bleed. She was immediately rushed to her vanity van and administered first aid. A doctor was also called in to attend to her nose.

Though the bleeding stopped after a while, Katrina says there’s still a bruise left.

Incidentally, she was hit on the same spot on her nose when while shooting for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani her co-star Ranbir Kapoor accidentally landed a punch on her snout.

Ouch! Our get well soon wishes to Kat.