Kareena Kapoor loves Saif Ali Khan’s new look


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Kareena Kapoor can’t just take her eyes off from her dear beau Saif Ali Khan nowadays, and the reason is simple - his new cropped hair look.

Her Saifu dear has chopped his long locks to get a neat, crew cut for his film Agent Vinod. Not just hair, he has lost weight too for a lean, spy look. Now, Bebo, in complete awe of her man’s new hot look, tells a tabloid, “Saif has never looked cooler. He has lost nine kilos in three months. He's all toned and rippling muscles.”

However, instead of flaunting his new look, Saif has been concealing it from the world until he attended Aamir Khan’s party which was held last week. Before that not even Saif’s parents had seen it. Anyway, the chirpy Bebo is letting the world know now.

“As for Saif, he looks like a Hollywood star for the film. I can’t take my eyes off him,” says Kareena.

Celebrity hair-dresser Aalim Hakim has done Saif’s new hairdo and the inspiration is Matt Damon’s look from The Bourne Identity.

Here is Saif in his new Agent Vinod look from Aamir Khan’s party.