Kangna is the Asian brand ambassador of Paris Hilton Fashion


Prime VIP

Bollywood’s angel faced Kangna Ranaut has been approached to play Asian Brand Ambassador for Paris Hilton Fashions (PHF).

Kangana will be the first Indian actress if she takes Hilton’s fashion lead of the Asian sub-continent.
Still riding the success of her latest movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, her retro style and looks has worked like a magic wand for her and has suddenly gained demand in the international market.
Buzz is that, Kangna has reportedly been offered a ‘staggering’ amount to endorse Paris’s clothing line.

Sources reveal, “The brand carries Paris’signature style — fun, flashy, bright. Kangana was short listed because of her edgy approach to fashion. She is considered to be a stylish girl who experiments, takes risks and sets trends.”

Well, Kangna does create a style statement where ever she goes. She has even plans to launch her own clothing line in near future.​