Kangana Ranaut in ‘Midnight’s Children’


Prime VIP

To be directed by Deepa Mehta

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s talent is being increasingly recognized by directors not just in India but abroad as well. Toronto-based director of Indian origin Deepa Mehta, whose film Water was nominated for Oscars two years back, has finalized Kangana to play a very important role in her cinematic adaptation of author Salman Rushdie’s Booker winning novel ‘Midnight’s Children’.

Kangana will play a woman married to a Pakistani politician. Her character’s name is Emerald and she is described in Rushdie’s book as pretty and cryptic.

We hear that from the start Deepa Mehta wanted Kangana to play the role. Kangana, who’s slightly eccentric but in a gorgeous way, fits the role perfectly.

Deepa has confirmed Kangana’s presence in the film. The shooting will begin next year.