Kangana Ranaut gets superstitious


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Gets the release date of film changed

Director Milan Luthria’s film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai was slated to release on July 30. But now thanks to its lead actress Kangana Ranaut - or rather her trusted astrologer Pallavi - the film will make it to the theatres on July 29.

Apparently, according to Pallavi, the film will fare well at the theatres if it releases a day before its scheduled date of July 30. When Kangana learnt this she informed her producer Ekta Kapoor who we all know is a staunch believer in astrology, numerology and what not.

After confirming Pallavi’s credentials from Kangana, Ekta swung into action and chalked out a new release date for the film which is now just a month away.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, starring Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi, will now release outside Mumbai on July 29. Since Ekta couldn’t get bookings for the same day in theatres in Mumbai, she would now have special paid previews on the evening on July 29 in Mumbai.

Call it the power of stars - the ones above our heads.