Kabali leaked: Rajinikanth's film available on several links on Dark web

Miss Alone

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Rajinikanth's Kabali has been a hurricane for pop-culture, with the lead actor's signature 'Kabali da!' already catching up, and the film has not even released yet. With about three days to go for the release, the film is facing the industry's life-long sworn enemy, piracy. There are several reports surfacing that Kabali can be available for download/streaming on several links on the dark web.

The Dark web is a corner of the internet available for people with requisite authorisation and software, and could hurt the film's business. A source involved with the production was quoted as saying, "We’ve contacted the authorities to pull down all these unauthorised links to the film.

Recently, even Shahid Kapoor's Udta Punjab, Salman Khan's Sultan and Great Grand Masti were leaked prior to the films's releases. While the makers of Great Grand Masti are alleging that the ones at the FCAT are the ones to blame behind their leak, it is difficult to ascertain where the leak of Kabali took place.
CBFC chief expressed concern saying, "They've not even spared Rajinikanth's film. Kabali was censored in Chennai, so it had nothing to do with our office in Mumbai." He also added though that these leaks don't hamper the big-budgeted films with big stars like Sultan and Kabali. They affect the smaller films, as pointed out in the case of Great Grand Masti.
Kabali will release in theatres all around India, on July 22.