Jus Reign Feat Babbu - Nach Billo - Single

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Best known for his hilarious YouTube videos, Canadian star Jus Reign is set to release his brand new single 'Nach Billo' on Thursday 28th August 2014 worldwide!


'Nach Billo' is undoubtedly the sexiest song of 2014, the single sees Jus Reign team up with long time collaborator Babbu for this up beat feel good anthem!

The first single from the long-awaited parody album by Jus Reign, the video for 'Nach Billo' parodies RnB & Hiphop from early 2000s. Set in Miami, 'Nach Billo' showcases the lavish lifestyle, with boats, beach parties & choreographed dance sequences!

Having enjoyed huge success in the past with singles such as 'The Swag Song' & 'Skype' – 'Nach Billo' will carry on showcasing popular musical clichés in Jus Reign's typical hilarious fashion!

The brand new album by Jus Reign will be parodying popular and mainstream Punjabi/Hip Hop and RnB music as well as their clichés and trends that a majority of these artists tend to follow.

The album will cover humorous and unconventional topics, all over catchy and melodious tunes and beats with collaborations from many different artists, singers, producers and rappers.​
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