Juhu Rave Party: Apoorva tested positive for drugs


Rampuriya !!
Television actor Apoorva Agnihotri was found guilty of consuming drugs at Juhu rave party. He was arrested along with his wife and television actress Shilpa Saklani from the rave party during police raid on May 20.

Apoorva and Shilpa were among the 46 guests arrested at the police raid. On May 20 Mumbai police raid Oakwood Premier Hotel consisting around 100 guests. IPl players Wayne Parnell and Rahul Sharma were also arrested during the raid. After collecting the blood samples, Apoorva and Shilpa was set free. The result of the tests showed positive.

After the police raid, the television actors called a press conference and claimed that they did not consume drugs and added that they doesn’t even know that it is a rave party and were there to attend a friend's birthday party. Shilpa said that they are sure the test would come negative as they have not taken drugs or done anything wrong. Shilpa's test result is yet to come.

110 grams of cocaine and 64 grams of charas were recovered from the hotel premises during the raid.

Apoorva rose to fame with the popular serial ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’.