John Abraham gets 15 days jail for driving bike rashly


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Mumbai 15 oct 2010:A trial court on Thursday held Bollywood actor John Abraham guilty of rash driving in an April 2006 case and sentenced him to 15 days’ simple imprisonment. Additional chief metropolitan magistrate in Bandra, S V Kulkarni, also fined the actor Rs 1,500 for causing an accident and injuring two young men when he rammed his motorcycle into a cyclist at 11 pm on Khar-Danda Road four years ago. The magistrate said an amount of Rs 1,000 must be paid as compensation to one of the victims.

Abraham, who was present in court when the sentence was pronounced, paid the fine amount immediately and his lawyer sought bail and a stay of the order to be able to appeal against it. The court stayed its order for a month and granted him bail. When contacted, Abraham later refused to comment, as did his lawyer, Robin Pereira, who hung up abruptly.

The offence of rash driving on a public road attracts a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment. The court showed leniency towards Abraham, observing that he had not sped away after crashing into the cyclists but had displayed kindness by rushing them to a civic hospital for medical treatment even though he had himself sustained some injuries that required a doctor’s attention later. :)

‘Speeding’ John hit the cyclist from behind

The actor got the two victims—Tanmay Majhi, then 19 years old and Shyam Kasbe (22)—to a municipal hospital in Bandra and got himself admitted to Lilavati Hospital to get the abrasions on his ankle and calf treated.

Kasbe died two years later due to TB. Public prosecutor Anand Sukhdeve, while presenting the case against the actor, had pointed out that Abraham had been speeding—a fact evident from the impact the collision had had on the cycle. The mudguard of the cycle had fallen off too, he pointed out.

Majhi and Kasbe, both employed with a wine shop, were returning home to their chawl from work. Abraham was returning from Maureen Wadia’s Gladrags show in the city, in which he was a judge. The actor was riding his Yamaha bike at the time of the accident, when he was allegedly turning left on 18th Road. The bike hit the two from behind, and they suffered injuries on their leg and back.
Khar police slapped charges under sections 279 and 337 of the Indian Penal Code on Abraham for rash and negligent driving.

Majhi ,who still works at a liquor store in Bandra, told TOI on Thursday that he was not even aware of the verdict. “No one told me that the verdict was expected today. My brother informed me about it after watching the news on TV,’’ he said. “I am happy that the case has come to an end and justice has been done. But I am also sad that Kasbe is not with me to see it happening.’’

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in one of the accident he even try to run from that area were his Toyota Landcruiser killed one person and seriously injured four others plus he was drunken too