John Abraham and Bipasha Basu: There's life after a break-up


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John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were the golden couple of Bollywood. No one expected them to break up, but then, all good things must come to an end!

Post break-up rumours have been doing the rounds that both John and Bips have found new love interests and we set our sources snooping around John's Bandra residence and Bips' shooting location to find out how far they were true.

John has reportedly moved on to greener (and from what we gather, younger) pastures! Apart from his many alleged flings with A-listers (and occasionally B- and C-listers too) within the industry and outside, he's now allegedly seeing a new girl who has been seen repeatedly visiting his Bandra home. The girl does not belong to the industry - she works at an international finance corporation at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai.

John meets up with her every morning for breakfast before she goes to work.

They have even been spotted regularly at the Taj Lands End! The lady in question is in her 20s and travels to work in an auto rickshaw. She is also someone who is not in sync with the high-handedness of Bollywood.

Bips guns for young blood

But if for one second you're thinking that Bips is bawling her heart out, think again! While John is busy making sure his flings are at least discreet, Bips is almost screaming from the roof tops about her new liaisons!

"She has given a decade to this relationship, and that's a lot. She is in her 30s and it's natural that she wants to settle down and start a family. John has been wavering every time the question of marriage was brought up. Finally, she put her foot down. He told her that marriage was not on the cards and they decided to part. "She is free after a long time, and she is exploring all that she's missed out on, and what's the harm in that?" said a friend of Bips.

Our sources insist that Bipasha did have a little flirtation (or more) with Josh Hartnett while shooting her first Hollywood film Singularity with him. There were rumours they spent every evening together. People even claim they saw Bips retire to his room at night and come out only in the morning. Even though the unit had seen all this and asked her about the relationship, she kept saying, ‘We're just friends'.

While John's recent acquisitions include unknown women, Bipasha is interested in known faces. She too has set her eyes on the younger lot with strong rumours about interactions with Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. "Shahid and Bipasha were totally into each other; they were almost making out once at a hotel. When they took notice of the prying eyes, they retired to their rooms," says a source who witnessed their camaraderie in one of Mumbai's five star hotels.

While John's friends claim that despite his new liaisons, John wants to get back, Bips' buddies are quite sure that she's moved on… and for good! BM