Jio or Airtel - 4G Data voice quality

4G data & voice wise who si best

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  • Jio

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Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
Voice: Jio for now as "Volte" is supported on its entire network.
Airtel is gradually rolling out volte services.

Data: depend on you area, one with stronger signal will be faster.
if signal strength is same, then network with less users will be better.


kit walker

Prime VIP
Staff member
After using jio upto when it became limited in data. I have shifted to airtel. The download are good. calls are some what lagging as they are testing volte. The expected deployment of volte in all india is around 7 feb2018. till then have to bear the poor calls. otherwise network coverage is better than jio. again download speed varies as distance from tower. too near and too far location give poor speed. testing is going on.
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