++ Jhumar, A Folk Dance From Punjab ++


~~~Shergill Jamsheria~~~
This dance has originally come from Sandalbar (now in Pakistan), but is now very much a part of Punjab folk heritage. It is a dance of graceful gait, based on specific Jhumar rhythm. The Jhummar is a dance of ecstasy. It is a living testimony of the happiness of men. Any time is Jhummar time especially during Melas, weddings and other major functions and celebrations. Performed exclusively by men, it is a common feature to see three generations - father, son and grandson - dancing all together. There are three main types of jhummar, each of which has a different mood, and is therefore suited to different occasionally, reason of its predominating mood
This is also performed in a circle. The dancers dance around a single drummer standing in the center. Dancers circle around the drummer, and keep up a soft, sibilant chorus as they dance.It's costumes are the same as that of Bhangra. It is danced to the tune of emotional songs. The dance is without acrobatics. The movement of the arms only is considered its main forte. Toes are musically placed in front and backwards and turnings are taken to the right, sometimes the dancers place their one hand below the ribs on the left and gesticulate with the right hand. This dance does not tire out its performers and it is normally danced on moonlit nights in the villages away from the habitation. It is mostly danced by tribal Sikh professional acrobats and has yet not been owned by all Punjabis. The dancers of this dance let-off a sound, "dee dee" in tune with the beat of the dance which adds to its grace. This dance has also been integrated into Bhangra.
We did some minor research on where abouts of Jhumar, as Jhumar seems to have been dissapeared. Guess What we found Phokhar Singh from punjab and his clads are the one who are now promoting in punjab.

Phokhar Singh
Phokhar Singh learnt Jhumar from his uncle and has now started teaching Jhumar to D.A.V college, Jalalabad, Punjab. We wish other colleges also should take Jhumar the way they have adopted Bhangra and Gudda in college teams. If u are aware of amy college which has a Jhumar Team, let us know we will like to see some photo graphs here.

Small VDO Clip: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/20021027/oct26feav2-28k.rm