Jet Airways flight loads wrong baggage, turns back midway

Miss Alone

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A Jet Airways flight to from Delhi to Dhaka had to return to the capital midway to offload a wrong baggage. The confusion happened when two passengers with similar surnames were scheduled to travel but one of them could not board the flight.
“The first passenger arrived from London by 9W 121 at 12: 50 pm and was to travel to Dhaka by 9W 272, which was scheduled to depart at 1:25 pm. But he could not reach at boarding gate on time. Due to non-reporting, he was not allowed to board the plane,” said an airline official.
Due to some confusion, the registered baggage of another passenger with a similar surname was offloaded, while the baggage of the first passenger was loaded into the plane. When the error was spotted, the airline called back the plane and the whole process took about two hours. There were 129 passengers and six crew members on board. The flight departed for Dhaka at 1:50 pm and returned at 3:10 pm. After offloading the baggage, the plane departed again at 3:55 pm.
“Jet Airways flight 9W 272 from Delhi to Dhaka did an air turn back to Delhi to offload baggage of a guest who was not able to make the flight connection in time. As a safety of our guests and crew is our utmost priority, we regret the inconvenience caused to our 135 guests onboard the Boeing 737 aircraft,” said a Jet Airways spokesperson.