Jaguar to reveal new design language by 2017

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Jaguar is expected to reveal a new design language and will adapt it in the new models expected in the next 12-24 months. The carmaker will consolidate the look established by the XF, XJ, F-type and XE, which means that the new XF, due in that time frame, will be evolutionary in terms of looks.

Expect the next XF to get a lightweight aluminium body structure. It currently uses a steel body. Sources in the know have told our sister magazine Autocar UK that the next-gen XJ, however, "will be a big of a jolt, but will work for people". It is also likely that the C-X17 SUV, which is under "close consideration", will also get the green light, given the popularity of premium SUVs.

This new look will be noticeable from 2017. While the rectangular grille developed for the sedans will remain, "everything else will change", sources have confirmed. It's also possible that Jaguar will introduce a new ' white space' range to complement the five-car line-up (with the SUV) it will have by 2017. Jaguar may have also decided how to replace the XK.

The carmaker had also explored the possibility of a model beneath the XE, as a rival to the Mercedes A-class and Audi A3. However, these have been dropped for now as there is no efficient way to package rear-wheel hardware in a small body. JLR makes a front/four-wheel-drive model in the form of the Range Rover Evoque, but its hardware is too costly for the market Jaguar wants to enter. If Land Rover does decide to offer a model smaller than the Evoque, it might give Jaguar the opportunity to offer a new entry-level model thanks to the economies of scale achieved by sharing hardware across the brands.

Whether the business plan can work is another matter, because JLR will still be a long way short of its rivals’ volumes. But it remains a possibility that is also desirable for fleet-average CO2 target reasons


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