Jaguar F-type coupe teased

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Jaguar releases new teaser shot of the F-type coupe ahead of its expected debut at the LA motor show.

This is Jaguar’s ‘teaser’ shot of the new F-type coupé, which will be unveiled at the LA motor show later this month. It’s expected to arrive in showrooms by next spring at the latest.

According to Jaguar sources, the F-type coupé will be markedly different in character from the F-type convertible, not least because the hard-top model is significantly more rigid and lighter. These advantages will, sources say, result in a line-up that is even more driver-focused than the cabrio’s.

The mainstream F-type coupé models are expected to be powered by the same range of V6, V6 S and V8 engines offered in the drop-top. They will also be the basis for more extreme versions of the car, ranging from S and R-S models to the expected, extreme, 550bhp-plus Jaguar R-S GT.

Insiders have confirmed to Autocar that sporting Jaguars will now be developed under the R, R-S and GT brands. R models will be sporting versions of mainstream cars, R-S versions more extreme performance models and GT cars limited-run, track-focused specials.

One Jaguar insider says that the F-type coupé is better able to handle very high power because of its “inherent structural rigidity”. The source also said that a “sub-4.0sec” 0-100kph time was in view.

Jaguar boss Adrian Hallmark didn’t confirm the F-type RS-GT coupé project, but he conceded that more limited-series vehicles in the spirit of the XKR-S GT (revealed at this year’s New York motor show and set to be built in a run of no more than 50 units) were likely because of their marketing value. And, more important, Jaguar sees them as testbeds for future technology that can be used in more mainstream cars.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Engineered To Order (ETO) division will develop cars bearing the GT badge. ETO, now led by ex-Land Rover brand boss John Edwards, is set to take on a bigger role in the company as it expands to develop more bespoke styling and performance projects for Jaguar and Land Rover.