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Although Apple is quite well known for its secrecy regarding product launches, eagle-eyed writers over at MacRumors have discovered a second reference that points to iWork coming to iPhone.

The first was originally reported by Pocket-Lint at the beginning of this month. Apple posted a screenshot of iPhone 4 with an "Open in Keynote" option. The image has since been changed to something about iBooks instead.

The new iWork mention, however, is still live on the international versions of Apple's webpage, including Canada, UK and Australia. This screenshot was taken today:

As you can see by shopping for an unlocked iPhone and "Learning More" about AppleCare, under "Software support included", iWork for iPhone is distinctly mentioned. This pretty much confirms existence of the app suite. There is no indication of when the software is due for release, but it does potentially mark an interesting change to Apple's marketing strategy. Two mentions in one month is no longer an accident, but rather an exercise in excitement building. iWork has already been developed for iPad, so an iPhone version is obviously not impossible. Due to the iPhone's screen size, a stripped down viewing version of the software may be in order as the small size of screen would make editing incredibly difficult.
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