Italian tanker with 17 Indians hijacked


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Rome February 9:

An Italian oil tanker with 17 Indians on board was hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean, authorities said.

According to the Italian Marine Corps, the captain tried to evade capture by speeding up and aiming powerful water jets on the pirates' skiff, Xinhua reported. At least five pirates fired rockets and machine guns at the 266-metre Savina Caylin and they were believed to have seized control of the tanker, said Cosimo Nicastro, captain of an Italian coast guard frigate which is heading to the region and expected to reach there in two days.

No one was injured in the attack, which took place at about 0625 GMT some 800 km off the coast of India and about 1,300 km off the coast of Somalia, he said. The ship, owned by Naples-based Fratelli D'Amato SpA shipbuilders, has a crew of five Italians and 17 Indians.