Is Apple iOS 7 innovative? Or just a copy of Android


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Yesterday Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple Inc, unveiled the iOS 7 and and its SDK to the world at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at San Francisco. Apple fanboys were eagerly waiting for the launch of the new iOS this year and Apple finally gave them so called revamped iOS 7(Sic). Tim Cook elaborated iOS 7 as “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone”. Agreed its the biggest change to the iOS but is it innovative as said by Tim Cook? Apple always been known for the so called innovations, but iOS 7 isn’t an innovation. Apple just copied features from the Android,Windows Phone added to their own list of innovations. Shame on you Apple, even after copying this you call it innovative and would sue others who rather invented these features. Apple got the changeover and got the new looks. But those looks are nothing but the Android’s copied feature. Here’s the pic by MIUI that shows how iOS7 is hardly innovative.

Apple often known for suing the innocents rather than its innovations has once again copied features from Android. Apple always had habit of copying stuff’s and we all know old habits die hard .Lets now see in deep what the iOS 7 offers.

1. New UI:

So Tim Cook calls it’s a new UI. Well we just call it just a little makeover. Just new icons and new fonts is all this new UI offers. At least we expected some customization’s options. Our phone is our identity and it shows how we feel. Apple should have provided some way to customize the phone like what Android provides. Imagine a world where everybody’s body faces are same and have same set of qualities. Pretty boring world that would be na!!!! Same applies to the un-customizable iPhones.

Apple is using translucency within its new operating system and what this create is something very special indeed for Apple fanboys. Using the new transparent design it will make every single thing you have open look totally different no matter what you have in the background, it makes everything look great and even makes wallpapers users put on say their iPhone stand out. Ha ha nice joke Tim Cook and Apple. We Android users are not only getting the “Translucent feature” but also tons of other UI tweaks in almost all free launchers like Go Launcher. Apple again did no innovation here, just a copy paste stuff.

2.Quick Toggles (Command Center) or Android’s Drop down quick Setting/Notifications bar:

Well one could clearly see who copied what. These quick settings are available for Android since its birth, Music player, brightness and some of the frequently used settings are shows, but does it differ from Android ? Well the answer is no. Again a copied feature.

3.Lock Screen and Lock Screen Notifications:

Well someone has mastered the art of copying. And that master of copying is none other than the Apple. The traditional lockscreen that has been with Apple iPhone since its launch is now updated to the android like lockscreen. Apple ha don’t you feel tired because of copying these feature.

Lockscreen notifications another Ctrl+C from Apple. Lockscreen notifications were part of Android since 2.3. Nothing new Apple has done in this field.

4. Safari Browser:

Well as far as Safari browser is concerned in iOS 7 it has new 3D UI and provides us fullscreen browsing. Fullcreen browsing hahah Android 2.3 stock browser provided fullscreen browsing years ago. Even my old Nokia 5800 Express Music provided the fullscreen browsing. Safari browser still way behind the Google Chrome.

5. MultiTasking:

Well multitasking is now provided by most of the operating systems out there, but what previous version of iOS lacked is the Real Multitasking. iOS 7 provided a different way to multitask. But is it better than the Android’s way of multitasking. The answer is straight no.

This is Android’s way of multitasking with Apps. Pretty cool and better than iOS7 way of multitasking na? This is what we call Real Multitasking.

6.iTunes Radio:

iTunes Radio is what Apple’s answer to Google Music. It’s really not all that game-changing or innovative. You can create your own radio playlists based off of songs, or you can use recommended stations that Apple has ready to go. There are massive “BUY” buttons all over the place, along with ads, unless you are an iTunes Match customer. But you can’t save full albums or tracks to your library like you can with Google’s new All Access service, nor can you pick and choose specific songs to create playlists. It’s just like Pandora in that it brings up songs that it thinks match what you are looking for and then allows you to down vote them or favorite them, so that they’ll play more often. It’s a nice add-on to iTunes, but nothing new.

7.New Camera Lenses

Copy some lenes from apps like Instagram and put it native camera . Whoila its now a innovation according to Apple. Apple you need to grow up seriously.


Apple just gave a facepalm to innovations. Apple innovations are nothing but a sarcasm in the world of tech. The features that are now provided by Apple iOS 7 are those features that were in Android since Android Gingerbread/ICS since2011. To all Apple fanboys reading this enjoy out dated Android OS on your Apple iPhone. To all Android lovers here enjoy your Android’s supremacy over iOS devices.