Is a teacher’s job an office of profit, asks former PM Manmohan Singh

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Former prime minister Manmohan Singh will soon return to his alma mater, Panjab University, to teach economics.
A parliamentary panel on Thursday responded to a query from Singh who had sought to know if his taking up the job will invite disqualification as an MP under a law that prohibits lawmakers from holding positions with monetary benefits.
“We have cleared it. Manmohan Singh’s job as a teacher will not attract the provisions of office of profit,” said BJP MP Satya Pal Singh, the panel’s chief.
The panel had asked the human resource development (HRD) and law ministries to respond to Singh’s query. After it got written responses, the committee on office of profit met on Thursday to take a decision.
Sources said that since Singh will only draw a daily allowance of Rs 5000 and not a fixed salary, it will not be in conflict with the office of profit law. The Constitution prohibits legislators or parliamentarians from holding positions with monetary or other benefits.
Singh, a Rajya Sabha member from Assam, was Prime Minister for ten years till Narendra Modi succeeded him in 2014.
In March 2006, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi resigned as Rae Bareli MP after a controversy erupted over her heading the National Advisory Council simultaneously. She then returned to Parliament in May 2006.
Singh had acquired his Masters degree from Panjab University in 1954 and joined the institution as a senior lecturer in 1957 and went on to become a professor in 1963.
In April, the university announced that Singh will head its Jawaharlal Nehru Chair, which was vacant for a long period. Singh is likely to accept the offer.