iPhone PRO Concept – 3D Camera & DSLR Lens Attachment


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Sink your teeth into this gorgeous iPhone PRO Concept! It is designed for users who tend to work with the camera more than any other app! The recent iOS update validates the idea.

The creation of Jinyoung Choi, the iPhone PRO features a 1.2MP rear-facing 3D capable camera and an almost edge-to-edge display measuring at 4.5” with a resolution of 1280×800.

What’s interesting is that the 3D camera at the back also doubles up as a mount for DSLR lenses.

Projector capability and a portable speaker, plusa removable hard disk are all features compatible with this model.

Granted some of these features are pretty novel and unnecessary, but we have to admit we do like its overall design which is sleek and features a larger display that many iPhone users seem to want.

Kudos to the designer of this iPhone concept and I sure hope that Apple will take a cue from his ideas.