iOS 4.3 lets iPad users choose if they want mute or rotation


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The screenshot above, courtesy of MacRumors, shows us that the iPad will be getting a useful new feature. Apparently iOS 4.3 will have a software option that will let users personalize the action of the tablet’s hardware switch. The change was noted when a developer was poking around in the iOS 4.3 beta.
Originally the switch acted as a rotation lock, but with iOS 4.2 it was changed to mute as it is on other iOS devices. A number of users didn’t like Apple’s decision and it appears that Cupertino has heard their complaints. With the next firmware iPad users will be able to choose for themselves whether they’d like the switch to “Lock Rotation” or “Mute” the tablet.
The best-of-both-worlds solution seems ideal, but it does run counter to a Steve Jobs email that said that the Mute Switch was here to stay.