:-? well abt me ...:-? hmmmmwat 2 say,im js a chill out boy .. i luv 2 try out new stuff ... it can be anythin be it music .. or sum new computer prg.. or be it a prank .. i jus cant remain widout sumthin do 2 alwyz in a muv .. and well .. notorious but sincere and responsible funny choclate freak i lyk ppl whu r straghtfrd and frank .. but derezz no stiplulationz and limitz abt ppl whum i wanna meet wuld luv 2 meet every1 out dere.. well im trustwrthy and abt my anger i rarely get angry but wen i du .. well.. thtzz RARE soo need not wrry abt tht and im kinda sensitive but i dnt shw tht out .. and no matter wat happenzz im alwyz me myself and i >>"RONIT" then wat else ...
& well nw im working at convergys

Da Tiwana

Inspector Sa'ab ;)
well buddy u are here for a long time so can't say welcome to UNP but still welcome in the intro thread :D
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