Interview II


We are going to keep this round of interview same for everyone and it would mainly constitute questions about UNP and the UNPians.

Here are the set of questions.

  1. What is your favourite thread on UNP? If more than one, mention them all and let us know why you liked them over others. :dr
  2. Who is your favourite poster? and why? (At the most, name two) :wink
  3. Whom do you like the most on UNP? and What do you like the most and the leas about him/her? :kh
  4. How many UNPians do you have on your yahoo or msn, and whom do you talk to the most? If you want to add certain UNPians on your yahoo or msn, ask them for their id, provided you have not done it already. :gig
  5. What are your honest opinions about some UNPians. ( I know it was asked in the first round as well, if your opinions have not can you could just copy paste your previous answer) :gig
  6. What made you choose your user name? :wink
  7. What is your favourite user name other than yours? :wah
  8. Who from UNP, did not leave a very good impression on you? Don't say none :mad
  9. What was the most touching moment for you on UNP? or that you shared with a UNPian :wub
  10. What do you like the most and the least about :unp


jatti_sydney said:
Ok i'm off for lunch aake jawabdi haan...........stay tuned!!!!:hyper :hyper :hyper

lunch toon baad mainu supervisor ne gher lia.....main kiha jj gai ruble..par bach gai....change mood ch si ....:wah :wah


Shukar aa kise ne reply ni kita,,,,,aweive mera time waste kera dena si kaafi sara:haha :haha :haha :haha :haha :haha .