Inside the Scarlett and Sean split


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Sources close to Sean Penn have come forward to reveal that the double Oscar winner was still on the rebound from his divorce when he met and hooked up with He’s Just Not That Into You star, Scarlett – 25 years his junior.

The pair, who first met when Scarlett signed up to help the sufferers of the devastating earthquake in Haiti – a humanitarian project Sean has publicly embraced, even moving to the ruined country – went from casual to super-serious in a matter of months, with 25-year-old Scarlett even said to have moved into Sean’s Malibu home. But now insiders have spilled that it was she who was moving things along too fast, and that Sean “didn’t want anything serious” from the start.

“Scarlett pursued him,” a source told US. Adding that since his divorce from actress Robin Wright, last year after 14 years of marriage, that Sean has been keen to play the field, and was linked briefly to stunning model, Jessica White.

And the source adds that even when Sean told Scarlett it was over, that the actress had a hard time accepting the split, with a witness at the Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards on June 4, spilling, “She pushed herself into his conversations. She sat down between him and Robert De Niro. Robert was like ‘What?’ and made a face.” Adding, “A photographer asked for a shot. Before Sean could say no, she said yes.”

Don’t worry, Scar. It’s Hollywood – ego-fuelled, crumpled, rich, older guys are a dime a dozen!