Ink dries on Hangover dispute


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The tattoo artist who sued over Ed Helms' tattoo in The Hangover Part II has settled his lawsuit over the design, which resembles the facial ink the artist created for Mike Tyson.

Warner Bros spokesman Paul McGuire said on Monday that the movie studio and S. Victor Whitmill amicably resolved their dispute. McGuire declined to discuss the case further.

In the movie, Helms' character, Stu, wakes up in a Bangkok bathtub with a facial tattoo.

Whitmill claimed the filmmakers ripped off the design that he tattooed on Tyson in 2003 in Las Vegas.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in St Louis tried to block the film's release.

Tyson had a small role in the first Hangover film in 2009 and also appears in the sequel.