Infocus Kangaroo Notebook world’s first Modular Notebook


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Infocus Corporation has announced a new innovative product the Infocus Kangaroo Notebook – it’s the world’s first modular notebook. Kangaroo Notebook gives user an option to have two separate environments on a single Notebook.


Infocus Kangaroo Notebook looks like any other notebook but comes with two modules and each of these modules are running Windows 10. So what the user can do is attach module 1 and use it for office work or attach module 2 and use it at home. Technically on the same notebook a user can have two different environments most of the hardware is the same, just replace the module and they get a separate environment.

Infocus Kangaroo Notebook sorts a 11.6 inch screen supporting 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Other Notebook features are Clickpad, keyboard, webcam, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, audio / mic, speakers, SD card reader and proprietary connector connector to connect the modules. The notebook also houses a battery to power up.

Infocus Kangaroo Notebook (modular notebook) price $299.99

With this Notebook you will get two modules each modules come with its own Intel Z8350 CherryTrail CPU, 32GB of eMMC storage space and 2GB RAM. WiFi and Bluetooth are also included in each of these modules.

So for example you get 2 modules, Module A and Module B. You can plug in the Module A into the Laptop dock and use it for office work creating a secure environment, when at home you can remove the Module A and attach Module B and use it for home use – sharing it with other members in the family.

Infocus Kangaroo Notebook will go on sale on priced at $299.99 (introductory price), that comes to approx Rs. 20K.