Man meets brother after 58 years
Luv Puri
He gives credit to the leadership of India, Pakistan for ending the separation

His parents were never united with each of them thinking the other was dead
He found his brother in Bagh in PoK based on the sketchy information provided by his mother


SWEET MEETING: Sardar Joginder Singh (right) met his lost family in PoK — Photo: Luv Puri
BAGH: Following the softening of the Line of Control, a Sikh living on the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir has finally been united with his family living in Bagh district of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).
He had never met his family living on the other side since his birth in 1947.
Sardar Joginder Singh, a resident of Poonch district of J&K, travelled to PoK to meet his long-forgotten family. The Hindu joined him in this historic journey to his village where he was accorded a grand reception. He was the first Sikh to step on Bagh soil since 1947. At that time, some members of the Sikh community who crossed over to Bagh, such as the family of Joginder Singh, converted to Islam.
Tremor troubles

Sardar Joginder Singh's parents got separated in 1947 when he was not even born. His father Ujhagar Singh and brother, now named Sheikh Nazir, were left in Bagh district while the pregnant mother found herself in Poonch. Joginder was born two months after the separation. The couple was never united with each one thinking that the other was dead.
Ujhagar Singh settled in Bagh and had converted to Islam. The earthquake that shook the northern belt of PoK brought nervous moments to the family of Joginder Singh. Three years ago, his mother came to know from a friend who had gone to PoK that her elder son was still alive across the LoC. She expressed a wish to Joginder to know about the well-being of her elder son.
Historic union

After two days of an extensive search on the basis of sketchy information given by his mother, Joginder found his brother in Mang Bajri village, five kilometres from the nearest road in Bagh.
The emotional union between the two brothers was witnessed by hundreds of villagers.
Sheikh Nazir Ahmed, now an advocate in Bagh, said: "I cannot believe that this is true. Even in my wildest dreams I had not thought that I would meet my family. My father used to tell me about my mother. This is a miracle and a new birth for me."
His father is dead but Sheikh Nazir has an extended clan in Bagh district with his sons and daughters married locally.
An overwhelmed Joginder said: "The separation of five decades has ended and the credit for this goes to the present leadership of India and Pakistan."