Indo-Canadian Bus Service

Dear UNPiers,,

I had a flight booked from new delhi to chandigarh. But due to airport closure starting Dec 15th, my flight has been cancelled. :( :(

Some friends suggested Indo-Canadian, and I quickly booked it online. But now I am having second thought about this transporter. I read really bad reviews online, where people are complaining of terrible service and shit box buses :angry . Now I am really scared and confused :dk:dk.

Please give me your reviews on Indo-Canadian bus service if anyone has first hand experience with these people, or know someone who used these buses in the last few months.. Thanks guys
ok thanks...I will re-book with Haryana transport. So many people recommend this bus
Trains da pangaa yaar ...especially with luggage... shann-e-punjab leaves in the morning...I land at 3pm in the afternoon..
shaatabadi window is very small... :(
thanks sippu :)


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my parents just used it from ludhiana to delhi airport and it was their first travel on Indo Canadian and they were quite happy with it.
as per them they have 2 kind of packages/buses.
regular is 1500 per person which gets seat in their regular 45 seater luxury buses
then they have luxury which is 2100 and that gets seat in 23 seater luxury coaches.

i never traveled on it, i am just telling what i heard.


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oh teri :an

mei jad javaga ja cab hire karanga ja rishtedara nu kehna ah ke chak lo :hassa
indian trains toh age menu dar lagda...darwaze khole hunde no health & safety :/


I disagree with some above... if you get the bigger bus that is with the capacity of 50 or something then go for it. But if you find a smaller one like a shuttle where the capacity is around 20 or something please don't go for that shuttle... Its horrible and damn slow, it would take around 10-12 hrs just to reach Ludhiana and thereafter it goes to Jalandhar, Chd. which will take more time. I did that mistake once, best is hire a cab and negotiate hard, last year for me I hired it around 4-5k ( I don't remember exactly)


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Go with indo Canadian prime service ... This service is quite good and reliable ... Waise I never go with indo Canadian ........ But prime service good aa


Punjabi jatt
Indo Canadian hi aa ticket jayada but comfortable aa puri bus ohna ne prime service da name rakhyea .. 2 types di bus ne
1. Simple
2. prime