Beverages Indian Summer (Mango Vodka Cocktail)

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Indian Summer (Mango Cocktail)

Recipe cook time: 10min

Be your own bartender and impress your guests with one of the most popular cocktails served at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Shake up some vodka with summery ingredients like fresh mangoes, lime juice and mint leaves.

  • 60 ml vodka

    60 gm fresh mangoes

    6-8 fresh mint leaves

    1-inch ginger

    20 ml sweet and sour syrup

    15 ml lime juice

    1 mint sprig to garnish

Add the vodka, fresh mangoes, mint leaves, ginger, lime juice, sweet and sour along with a few ice cubes in a blender. Blend until well combined.

Pour it in a margarita glass and serve frozen garnished with a mint sprig.