India climate chart


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A very rough pattern of climate in India. Use this to get only to get a global view of the seasons. This chart is a compilation of my empirical knowledge and some ‘research’! May be to a novice tourist this give a rough idea about when the summer starts and when the monsoon weaken?

I’ve used the state wise division from south to north. For simplicity I have used the old state divisions only. Anyway rain Gods doesn’t follow the orders of the administration!

A very large number of exceptions also to be assumed. Most of the states are stereotyped with a single weather pattern. For example in the same state the hill top area would have a different climate than the foothill or planes. So is with the coastal and interior parts of another state.
Also there are any number of small ‘pockets’ of rain shadow or cooler places even in the summer. A large number of tourist spots fall under this category.
Similarly many of the Northeastern states experience the hottest climate during the rainy season.
Beach is not God to predict weather in India! Otherwise the entire meteorological department staff would have lost jobs long back. CNN, BBC and other local TV crew chase clouds as if they are showing a coup in the brew. Checkout the weather of the place very closely to get the exact picture.
Who said the words “Bad weather always looks worse through a window”
The intensity of the shade indicates the strength of the weather.