Incredible Paintings That Will Deceive Your Eyes

Simon Hennessey (37 year old, based in Birmingham, UK) is a hyper-realistic painter/artist who be into precisely detailed portraits by and large within a close focal point.
Simon’s paintings are distinguished as a reflection of reality but in truth the artwork surpasses into its own abstraction of reality.
By utilizing the camera as a basis for painting he is able to compose unreal semblances that are judged as our own reality.

The portrait and the conversion of media such as a photographic language into a painted language, produces a accurate calculation within the process of change.
Through the imitative illustration of a photographic source Simon is able to create paintings that are adequate of deceiving our eyes.
Here are some of Simon’s unbelievable, hyper-realistic painting works (Via his Gallery)
Take a closer look.
You’ll be blown away by the details Simon is able to produce through these paintings by transforming the conventional photographs. Creativity at it’s best, indeed!